Patient of palace neck cancer wants how food

The food of patient of palace neck cancer wants special caution, actually, falling ill is not the most terrible, terrible is one diagnose had arrived terminal. The cure rate with palace neck terminal cancer is very low, palace neck cancer is so terminal the patient is very vague to cured hope. Beef
The method that normally clinical medicine suggests to adopt dietotherapy undertakes alleviating appropriately to the illness of patient of palace neck cancer, so what does the dietotherapy method with palace neck terminal cancer have ask an expert to introduce for us. The patient with palace neck terminal cancer is breakneck, palace neck cancer is terminal patient cure rate is very low, can undertake modulatory through dietotherapy only. The method that adopts dietary therapy is: Palace neck cancer is terminal, should choose food of high protein, tall caloric, be like red bean of milk, egg, beef, soft-shelled turtle, bare, gram, bright lotus root, spinach, winterA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a cityMelon, apple. Many vitamin is contained in the apple, everyday an apple is very beneficial to health. Somebody observes the B- in blood of patient of palace neck cancer carotene under contrast group, b- carotene intake is low element of risk of cancer of the neck that it is palace. Additional, vitamin C also is concerned with incidence of a disease of palace neck cancer, when our country investigation makes clear vitamin C intake to increase, cervix cancer risk is reduced. Microelement is a kind of indispensable material inside human body, its have inhibition to tumor. Already discovered with microelement copper, zinc, Selenium is concerned now. Cancer of neck of palace of discovery of research of place of Guizhou tumour prevention and cure, breast cancer is remarkable difference, now period with long-dated recrudesce person the person that recrudesce of blame of remarkable prep above lives forever mixes serous copper normal person. Long-dated remarkable prep above is not copper of plasma of the person that have a relapse recrudescent group. Cupreous ratio with long-dated recrudesce1000 beautiful community of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friendPerson highest. Show ratio of zinc of period group copper also remarkable prep above reachs blame recrudesce group normally. Serous copper and cupreous zinc ratio can regard diagnostic palace neck as carninomatosis and malignant tumor and prognostic index. Sicken of patient of cancer of investigation palace neck concerns somebody as high as cupreous intake, the likelihood has Jie to fight the action of selenium because of copper, large dose copper can produce symptom of the unripe Selenium that be short of armor on animal body. Accordingly, compensatory vitamin should notice in diet, notice complement contains the food of element of zinc, Selenium appropriately. The element such as vitamin, calcic, iron, zinc is body inside must material, was short of these corporeal bodies to be able to appear disease. Female friends should be[……]

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