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A lot of people are drilling abdominal muscle when the way that a lot of people can choose to do push-up will take exercise, push-up is a kind of athletic way, push-up also is people becomes the means of a kind of motion with very apparent abdominal muscle, push-up moves this kind to still have a lot of other methods, push-up also isShanghai noble baby

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People exercises abdomen, reduce the method of flesh of abdominal go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married, the force that allows abdomen becomes stronger, more advantageous, such abdomen are more healthy also, what method to have with push-up experienced abdominal muscle so?

Push-up drills what the method of chest muscle has

Face a wall to stand, double foot and approach, double arm unbend, be the same as with the shoulder wide, both hands is smooth put on the wall. Curve elbow, till forehead kiss metope. Push oneself next return original pose. (Apply to body foundation weaker, or the crowd) of injury convalescence.

Be in the home bare-handed how does push-up drill chest muscle

Knee push-up

Double foot and approach, double genu touchdown. Double arm unbend, be the same as with the shoulder wide. Both hands is in of bosom lower part, two palms are flat put on the ground. The ankle is built together, the body shows linear, do not stick up the buttock or collapse waist. One knee curves elbow for fulcrum, from the groundForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Face of one fist lie between choose oneself original place next. (This movement suits female and the warm up before beginning formal campaign) if you can be done,more than 30 can consider to leave an action.

Both hands maintains the ground, double leg toes step on backward straight. Double leg double foot and approach, both hands and shoulder are the same as wide. Hip and vertebral show linear. Curve elbow then, till bosom and ground only of one fist lie between. Attention: Elbow must clamp backShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Ministry, such can better exercise a bosom and not be an arm. (If you can be done,exceed 2Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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0 standards push-up so you can undertake next pose) .

Narrow the initiative pose that is apart from push-up and standard push-up baseNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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This identical, hand department posture changes photograph of two forefinger finger tip to touch. Lower the body slowly next, make bosom and the back of hand are contacted. Push oneself former position next. (This pose exercises bosom not only, the demand of adversary arm is higher also, can all-around exercise) of upper limbs force.

Push-up drills the method of chest muscle is these, everybody can play push-up a trick, it is better to follow to oneself body thereby, the result of abdominal muscle is clearer also, push-up takes exercise also is the constitution that can strengthen the body, do push-up to exercise sarcous to also can do other methods to come to oneself at the same time additional take exercise, the effect of such abdominal muscle will be better, the food that him union notices even during doing abdominal muscle to take exercise will improve.

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