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Amount of gem gal pose much, pose is complex, level is higher difficulty is greater, average person is not very easy control. A few abecedarian always are frightened to retreat by difficulty, actually gem gal also divides all sorts of level, can learn according to oneself circumstance, there won’t be very god-given action when preliminary study, do not worry so. The article introduced the measure that handstand of gem gal head practices and method, won’t the person learns rapidly.

How handstand of gem gal head is experienced

” of head handstand type is by analogy pose of ” gem galLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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king ” , because it is right,body and mind has slue profit. A lot of people are right its scramble for sth, be about to try after that fast; But more person is right it1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Stay at a respectful distance from sb, not be to fear to drop below, think namely can bring about ” encephalemia ” ! Want to be able to grasp the point of the balance only actually, it is not look kind of danger and tall difficulty.

Touch the pillow establish benefit

Send blood toward the head, eliminate exhaustion, activation head cell, your clear-eyed. * activation hypophysis, pineal body and thyroid gland, add the blood red element inside blood, function of aggrandizement whole body. * strengthens memory and concentrated force. * improves insomnia to reach have a headache. * helps aid digestion, remedial constipation. The heart when * body is inverse is able to rest, ease palpitation condition. * body contrary to reason or one’s expectation comes over to be able to prevent splanchnic prolapse. The opportunity of head cold of * bring down, cough and quinsy. * enhances self-confidence. Arm of * aggrandizement arm, shoulder, abdomen reachs back, to practicing ” of the backstroke after ” (Backbends) helpful.

Measure / method

1 genuflect genuflect is sitting, double genu and approach. Before both hands buy, 10 show across is buckled closely (see little picture) , elbow is opened be the same as with humeral arm wide, make arm and the both hands that buckle closely form a triangle, firmly solid is surely on the ground.

2 it is head buy inside ” triangle ” . Touchdown of position of center of the top of head (see little picture) , afterbrain is sticking the palm of the hand, the eye wants to be able to look at the thing at the back of Xiang Shuang foot point-blank. No matter see oneself upper part of the body too much, or see insight too much, all state you are not a ground of center of the top of head. Ever since, including a head with control, to step on slowly straight knee, raise hip.

How handstand of gem gal head is experienced

3 will double feet to step on completely straight, choose the ground with tiptoe only. Double foot moves slowly to his head close, become verticality with the waist till trunk

4 firmly secure the head and elbow. Tighten up abdominal muscle, push hip backward at the same time. Expiratory, till ham becomes horizontal state,raise double base slowly, knee is being bent, tighten up ham muscle, double foot andShanghai Long Feng forum

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Approach. At this moment all weight of your body should prop up forcibly by 3 parts go up: The position of center of the top of head, and a pair of your elbow. Abecedarian should put 20% bodies weight in the top of head, 80% bodies weight is put in elbow. 50% what increase to the top of head and elbow to prop up body weight each slowly in the future. Stay in this movement first least 20 seconds, hold natural breath. If you can be finished easily, just proceed is the following measure.

5 inspiratoryShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, to step on slowly straight double foot, toe upgrade carries. Continue to tighten up abdomen and ham muscle, double foot and approach up extend, make whole body becomes a perpendicular. The body is not controlled or around tilts. Abecedarian maintains this pose 1 minute, increase to slowly next 3 come 5 minutes or above. Natural breath holds during, facial ministry muscle is loosened as far as possible, pour foreword to return measure gently next 1, do ” of ” infant formula then (see P.158) as rest pose, your head ministry and heart regain horizontal position. Difficulty adjusts abecedarian to be able to assist ” of type of handstand of exercise ” head first with wall: At leaving a wallShanghai Long Feng forum

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Wall the position of 10 centimeter falls on his knees. The measure that finish is narrated before pressing 1 to 3, next double foot mentions from the ground, stick hip on the wall. Removed hip again after double foot step is straight, only calcaneal is hanged on the wall. Hold the body perpendicular, not left Right deviation is inclined.

How handstand of gem gal head is experienced

Behavioral change

When you head of the can relaxed ” that finish pours vertical ” hind, can try to challenge this to upgrade version: The measure that finish 5 hind, double foot is opened slowly to right-and-left both sides, tick off a tiptoe, calcaneal as far as possible outward extend, maintain double foot step straight.

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