Dark now black the 5th sports season of server of 3 whole worlds ends formally already. After sports season ends, game of sports season mode and part cannot be founded, the plan of game of all sports season of players can be transferred in be not sports season game. What should do after sports season ends? The note after for everybody introduction a few sports season end here consults with offerring.

At present the PTR test of 2.4.1 patches has not end, be apart from open of the 6th sports season to still have two weeks. By before traditional patch can be become in sports season Zhou Gengxin, so likely newer time was on April 26, 27 days with 28 days (make reference only, pay close attention to the government to inform please) take in caparison Europe respectively with inferior take and the country is taken on line.

After sports season ends, plan of sports season game can be transferred automatically, include your craftsman social estate, summit summit experience, character, belongings is tasted, knapsack, gold coin is waited a moment. Craftsman grade can enclothe low level with advanced course, the data such as gold coin will be direct cumulative, and the move of asset of a few parts is relatively special.

Article: The move of article is relatively special, send you through the means of mail, want to notice the storage life of mail is 30 days, if you are taken away not in time,they will disappear forever. The problem that deletes article not to hint was corrected in 2.1.2 patches, players can be at ease clear sports season results, but proposal everybody careful delete with batch.

Hematic cliff fragment: The move of hematic cliff fragment is cumulative, cumulative hind if exceed the hold upper limit of current figure,then you will not get hematic cliff fragment again, unless you are used up,arrive under upper limit.

Summit summit grade: The summit summit grade in game is won’t direct cumulative, the part below same pattern is common pool of experience of grade of summit of a summit, what grade of summit of sports season summit transfers is the experience value with this total grade actually, namely 800 class + 800 class incorporate is not direct addition calculate again after experience addition however grade.

After sports season ends arranging also is not an easy thing, and if you want to enter,issue a sports season game to must be free the part of more than, and of 2.4 patches update coming, in enter before finishing a sports season, hasten the booty of a the 4th sports season is arranged one time well.

After sports season ends you can choose to be in be not sports season game or await open of new sports season to devote into a battle again. Already all move comes sports season characteristic in be not sports season game, include to already ended the demarcate legend article of sports season, players can hit the article that admire in the heart to come aggrandizement part. Because sheet of a list of names posted up of ladder of sports season day is not after sports season end,be saved automatically and replacement, after so sports season part transfers part of blame sports season, you also can use it will develop sheet of a list of names posted up of blame sports season.

New sports season need not restart when open server, also need not record a part, the meeting after open time arrives has server announcement, mode of sports season of the Gouxuan when players choose to establish new role can.

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