Microsoft was updated recently ” Xbox player company group standard ” , although this is planted content generally speaking nobody looks, do not calculate even on news, but this is not quite same, look caref上海贵族宝贝交流区

ully to still hold out a surprise, can calls warm heart chicken broth. Textual cent is 6 paragraphic, the mainest standard has 10, each are listed with straightaway language mix correctly wrong way. We drop dull share elliptically here, read significant portion only. “The speech that anno上海同城对对碰交友社区

y and hates has a lot of forms, but do not have a kind to be able to settle down in Xbox. Turn an everybody into the place that plays together to let Xbox Live, feel unwell or undesirable to prevent people, our everybody needs to become governor. This means us to should not annoy other not only, more mean us to want to embrace other. This means us to want to leave those Duan Zi of meat or fish the person that you can feel comical certainly. Mean in game when for others consider, the understanding if always reminding oneself people says to you. ” although all game company is urging positive action, but very glad to see Microsoft is willing to serve as the first perspective with the player, go telling about their standard from the player’s angle. Explain to let more ground connection is angry, they still set an example ” game coquettish word / word of competition ground rubbish ” mistake and proper form: My sex alludes wide mouth. Do you think you can have hit me? Hey, wide mouth, yo阿爱上海同城

ur marksmanship is too sodden, go dead, rubbish. Your military successes is plus because you are in,be completely crouch hole. The suicide goes, the child. Opportunistic. Slang of the colour bar such. You are too sodden. The country that rolls me — after the military successes that waits for you probably becomes positive number, they let you come back. Destruction. Do you think you can have hit me? Your marksmanship is too sodden, accept devastate. Your military successes is plus because you are in,be completely crouch hole. Change tactics, the child. Opportunistic. Dare compare aboveboard with me? Too sodden, oneself drill military successes becomes plus to be hit with me again. We see, microsoft hints we are mixed about sexual s上海千花网

uggestion, the colour bar clearly the vocabulary of indelicacy wide mouth ought not to appear in game, and co阿爱上海同城

rrect very easily also. Actually this is the self-discipline with due everybody, should not let hand handle teach, but after all network sprayer and game sprayer are too much now, so very glad to see Microsoft tries hard to make a change. But i上海同城对对碰交友社区

f we want those who do edition of player of a China ” inappropriate rubbish word / abuse glossary ” should have written thousands of word to just go…

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