What Pyro Studios will roll out this series inside year is newest make- – ” Commandos 3: Destination Berlin ” (allied forces dare-to-die troops 3: Target Berlin)


ame basically is will around period of World War II 3 big famous battlefield: STalingrad (Sidalingele) , normandy (Normandy) , what in before And Berlin undertakes, be being made, come on stage is clever beautiful beautiful female emissary Lips Natasha Nikochevski and Whiskey will leave to be made originally cloudily. Pyro was in this making to join can choose in allied forces team only among them the set of task of 3 people challenge of course, team member people ability also has certain range rise, all team member in this making has fire to reach drive the ability of carriage tool, aim test and verify of the new capacity of each team member ability add the issue that also became follow a rational line to do some work well. . .

Of Commandos dead faithful people上海贵族宝贝论坛

look had ground a fist to brush a palm itch to try, but of course the market that Pyro Studios also won’t abandon new player, as Commandos 2 one aims to let a player be familiar with game to operate the first like closing, this making be opposite not only main operation, the special faculty that joins each team member will have a series of detailed introductions.

The embrasure of entrenchment blindage foothold with the sundry element that game interacts by force in setting substantially greatly holds the post of gentleman to use, the motor of car of jeep tank house of a variety of design holds the post of you to leave additional, the amount of the ammo in this oppose game was made substantially cutout decreases the circumstance that encourages a player to be led in 0 fight the enemy absolutely next connecting closed to suffer from a habit to cheat a head to close a key point regrettablly a chaos shoots the player that solves a problem.

Although part 3 battle spread out, but still exist as the toll-gate design that multinomial task undertakes get sth done without any letup at the same time in 2 generation, and the finishing degree of player task also has certain effect to the development of battle.

If game has fixed rate, the setting toll-gate t上海龙凤论坛

hat you can discover game is medium can make your after-thought has motion picture of some classical World War II more or less. For example game is inchoate battle has Sidalingele to close you to must be in Germany sharp-shooter knock light looks for him before your Russia ally and dry, and be opposite between descriptive sharp-shooter before New Year definitely the place that World War II is big Enemy At The Gates has striking resemblance intercepts and capture to leave for Germany in; Berlin battle the task of the train with replete France heavily阿爱上海同城

guarded artwork, deduce the battle end; Luo Man to be landed in Omaha beach with respect to the reprint that is classic movie The Train of 64 years simply closing is everybody familiar to the ear can the Tom Hanks of detailed is classical what work Saving Private Ryan kicks off is classical one battle.

Player know sth like the palm of one’s hand takes the place of before Commandos 3 cancelled conceal close (the set of Bonus Missions) but added the element that undertakes to selecting team memb上海龙凤论坛

er the movement is set beforehand ferial often faineant the team member that hopes the上海千花网龙凤论坛

day hits divinatory symbols people occur for the first time a bit the thing is done do.

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