Yesterday, hall of Fujian Provinc爱上海同城对对碰

e environmental protection reported circumstance of quality of environment of complete first half of the year this year province, I save atmosphere environment qu上海贵族宝贝

ality to maintain admirable level, but 2 oxidation nitrogen and but inspiratory grain content (PM10) chroma, with compared first half of the year last year, rise somewhat; Acid rain pollutes a problem still more general; Whole of water environment quality maintains for admirable, water quality 爱上海同城手机版

of ground of drinking water source maintains basically for actor, groundwater and water quality of seawater of alongshore maritime space are improved somewhat.

Fuzhou air quality amounts to award day number to exceed 91%

First half of the year, scale of number of day of actor of quantity of empty temperament of 9 city that establish a division, fine is 99.3% , relatively on year the corresponding period drops 0.5 percent.

Each city but inspiratory grain content (PM10) the day that measure a place all is worth rate exceeding bid to be 0, 6.35% , exceed mark on average to lead for 1.06% , among them of 10 cities such as city of Fuzhou, Xiamen, Pu Tian, spring but inspiratory grain content measures bit of day to all be worth had appeared to exceed bid. With go up photograph of year of the corresponding period than, but average concentration mixes inspiratory grain content to exceed mark rate on average to rise respectively 9.3% with 0.38 percent.

Fuzhou, Xiamen begins from January 1, implement st上海千花网交友

andard of new air quality. The monitoring result first half of the year makes clear: Fuzhou, Xiamen amounts to award day to count scale to be respectively 91.7% with 91.1% , index of urban air overall quality is respectively 4.24 with 4.92; Main contaminant is fine grained content respectively (PM2.5) with 2 oxidation nitrogen.

West lake water quality still is spend rich nutrition condition gently

First half of the year, save PH of 上海贵族宝贝交流区

23 cities precipitation to all be worth completely for 4.91, precipitation PH all is worth limits 4.1 (Zhang is smooth) , 7.06 (Long Hai) between. Among them, fuzhou, Xiamen, Pu Tian, 3 bright area of the acid rain in waiting to all be belonged to, the frequency of 3 cities acid rain such as city of blessing Qing Dynasty, spring and Na Ping is 100% .

This year first half of the year, the water area function of 10 rivers such as Fujian river, Ao river amounts to mark rate to all be 100% , long Jiang is 91.7% , 9 dragon river is 88.3% . With go up the rate that amount to mark compares function of year of water area of the corresponding period, fujian river and dragon river rose respectively 1.8 with 8.4 percent.

The water quality of 6 laky reservoir s上海龙凤论坛

uch as Fuzhou west lake can achieve requirement of its corresponding water area function, east the water quality of 5 laky reservoir such as reservoir of young of Zhang Shui library, hill appears exceed bid, basically wait for nutrient condition index for nitrogen, phosphor. Press index of integrated nutrition condition to evaluate, fuzhou west lake is first half of the year spend rich nutrition condition gently, with identical last year.

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